Sunday, October 25, 2009

My office is full of TOEIC

Today's class followed the same format as the previous classes, but I think that next week will be different because I only gave them three worksheets instead of the six.

I made sure I had everything ready as I had said I would, so I was able to get there on time, but the room was a little too noisy, so I proposed to have the class in my office, and I told them to come here from next week. Moving to my office therefore meant that we did not start on time, but I think next week will be better.

Once we all got straightened away, I gave them the articles, and then we started correcting the questions. However, unlike the last couple of classes, I discussed a few more of the questions asking them what they thought or what they would do, just to get a little more speaking involved.

This took most of the class, so for the list, I had them repeat all the words with me first, and then asked them for parts of speech and for derivations. Once we finished, there was only a little time left, so I told them that we would pick up with the book next week, and since I gave them only half the workload, I think we will have more time to focus on it.

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