Friday, October 9, 2009

Generally General English

I started this class a little late because there were more new students than I had expected, so I had to make extra photocopies. I also had the new students write their names, then I took their photos and gave them the information pertaining to the course.

Once I had finished, we started with the review of classroom English (The quiz can be found in the previous post). I told the new students to try the review despite being absent the other week. After the review, I started the word stress activity, which I explained in Friday's notes (Again, I should note that I am only writing Thursday's notes now because yesterday I had no time, and I thought it better to finish Friday while it was still fresh in my mind).

Next, we started unit 1 of the textbook. I still haven't received the teachers materials, but fortunately there is a student CD inclosed, so I used that. I first had them write down some questions about the conversation and then I played the CD for them, but had to stop and borrow another CD player because the one I had was not working. I played the CD twice and then asked individual students for the answers. I then had them repeat after me, and next, had them practice in pairs. I finally had them repeat without the book after the CD.

We then continued with exercise 3, which is a vocabulary exercise. It did not take them much time, but I asked them questions such as who works in a convenience store or who lives in a dormitory etc.

By the time we finished that, there was not much time left, so I had them do the pair work dictation, another activity that I have already talked about in another post. I finished the class by telling them to review exercise 2, the conversation, for next week. I also told the new students to buy the book, and everyone to bring a dictionary, pencil, paper and/or notebook and the book, of course, for next week.

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