Friday, December 11, 2009

What you have, sir, is a textbook case of coalescent assimilation.

Well, today I changed the order of the lesson plan. Actually, I was kind of forced to, but in the end it worked out well, I think. What happened was that I thought I had copied the pronunciation section for this class, but when I was gathering my things to go to class, I realized that I didn't. On top of that, I had forgotten my photocopying card, so what I did was start the class with the review and then start the next chapter instead of the pronunciation. I did this because I knew that photocopying the pronunciation handout after the review test in order to maintain the order of the lesson would take time away from the class, and since I had planned to have them do another conversation construction activity, I decided that it would be best to photocopy the handout then.

After collecting the review quiz, I told them that we would be starting the book first, and to keep them closed because I was going to dictate some questions. I also told them at this point that we would be focusing on apologies in this class. After dictating the questions, I let them listen to the CD 3 times, and then I asked them for their answers. Next, I gave them the worksheet with the expressions for apologizing and responding to an apology and asked them to separate them in the table provided. I was going to have them come up to the board to write the answers, but I decided not to because it would take too much time, so I asked for their answers orally. After that, I had them do a listening task in the book. Then I had them go back to the beginning of the chapter where there were some key expressions and had them repeat after me before assigning the conversation construction activity. While they were practicing, I went to photocopy the pronunciation worksheet (I gave them about 10 minutes to practice and memorize the conversation, so I had enough time to do this). After I came back, I walked around to observe and make sure there were no questions, and then I asked several pairs to present their conversation in front of the class. Finally, we looked at the pronunciation worksheet. I did this differently from yesterday mainly because of how yesterday went, but also because I did not have a lot time. I did have them though come up to the board, and I did have them repeat before and after assimilation, but this was mainly as a group and not individually. I also did not go around asking students to repeat after me as I had done yesterday. I think this way the activity worked much better.

I think that considering this class style worked much better, I will try this on Monday and then on Thursday, and see how it goes. Also, I will try to have them review linked sounds more from now on, using the dialogues in the textbook because I think that only once a week is not enough and the more practice they can get, the better.

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