Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hey, wa tchit man! Tha t'sa linkin soun dyou go tthere.

Tonight we started with pronunciation practice. This class's focus was on linking sounds, especially between consonants and vowels. I first had them in pairs find the linked sounds, then had them write the answers on the board. I then had them practice the linked sounds with me several times, first sounds only then sentence. Next, we did a listening and I called for individual answers. I finally asked them for the rule, which I received almost immediately.

Next, I dictated questions and had them listen to the CD. After, I had them practice the conversation with books closed, then in pairs with books open. Then I had them change partners for the exchange activity (I modified this activity and made it a role playing one where students have to remember and present the dialogue.).

Once we finished presenting, there was not enough time to move on, so I passed back their tests.

I was having second thoughts recently about this book, but I think there is plenty in each chapter for the students, maybe too much, but if I cut the pronunciation, we should have more than enough time to do more of the book. However, I think if I organize the pronunciation activities better so that they take less time, I may be able to get more of the book done. The only setback about the book, though, is I am skeptical as to how relative it is to the students. I am really about making it personal, and some of the topics are not so relevant (directions, shopping), but perhaps it may be a good idea to alter those chapters and make them more relevant and interesting to the students. I guess I still have some things to consider.

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