Monday, November 2, 2009

I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the TOEIC test.

I will continue making this post although it will be fairly short from now on because the class format does not vary that much. We usually go through the homework together, then the new list of vocabulary, followed by the textbook. I also encourage a lot of free talking due to the small number of students, but it usually just ends up me doing most of the talking. Perhaps in future classes, I will try to reduce the amount of teacher talk and focus a little more on the book. However, after this semester, I am debating whether I will continue to use a textbook or not because there are a lot of questions that I can use for the academic word list on-line, and if I can come up with some test-style questions on my own, it may not be necessary to ask students to buy a textbook, although finding TOEIC type questions is easier said than done. In the end though, I consider vocabulary to be the biggest thing and with such a small class, some speaking activities, even if it is only read an article and talk about it orally, may be good practice for them for the TOEIC.

Something I was just thinking about while writing this post is that I probably should do review tests or review homework because each work we are going through about 60 words, which is a huge amount for them. Giving them review every month may therefore be quite helpful for them.

Finally, and this sort of comes from a TOEIC video I watched a while back, it may be a good idea to have them repeat after me a lot, to help them with their pronunciation and also listening. Of course, if I decide to do this, I will have to make sure there is enough time each week for such a task, but I don’t think that it would be so hard to do. I guess I had more to write than I was expecting, and now I have some things to consider before next class.

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